Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Is your heat pump in need of repair or maintenance?

Heat Pump

If you live in a somewhat more temperate climate, you can benefit from having a heat pump installed. Heat pumps consume much less energy than furnaces or air conditioners, which can lead to big savings on your monthly energy bills. Apart from efficiency, heat pumps are also very friendly for the environment.

The main difference between heat pumps and conventional heating and cooling systems is that they don't actually generate heat, but rather move heat from one area to another. This little fact makes them about 75% more energy efficient than other HVAC systems.

Main Types:

  • Air Heat Pump (ASHP) - This is the most common type, which you will find installed in most homes. This type of system uses a refrigerant with a compressor and a condenser to transfer heat from one area (outside) to another (inside). [Collects heat from the air]
  • Closed Loop Water Source Heat Pump - This system relies on special buried plastic pipe which exchanges the heat from way down below the earth and transfers that heat to a liquid in a closed loop throughout your home.
  • Geothermal - Geothermal systems make use of the difference between the surface/air temperature and the temperature below grounds. In winter, heat is transfered from the earth to the exchanger and in summer the process is reversed. Then the warmer surface heat is transeferred to the heat exchanger.

This is why, it is crucial that these units are properly maintained in order for them to function optimally, and reach their optimal lifespan and reduce energy bills. Our company has been working with different types of heat pumps for over a decade, thus we offer different types of services for this unit, such as installation, repair and maintenance for instance. What is more, we can run a free analysis of the system in order to check its function.

Heat Pump Repair

With the check-up we examine all the major and minor components of the system. This serves the purpose of detecting issues that may cause malfunction in the system. Once the results come out, our experts will be more than glad to present you with the choices you have in order to solve the problem. Upon repairing your system, our technicians can leave you a few tips on how to maintain it properly.

Heat Pump Installation

The way a heat pump is installed is as crucial for its further efficiency as the very first days of a newborn’s life. Our technicians make sure that they do everything right in order to set the system for its optimal performance. They are skilled in choosing the right position for establishing the unit and are known for their fast work, as it usually takes them around 2-5 hours in order to install the system, though it may sometimes take up to 2 days, depending on the complexity of the unit and the set-up.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Our maintenance includes cleaning, replacing filters and lubricating different system components, such as the coil, fan and compressor. We highly advice that you have your system regularly maintained in order to prevent larger issues from occurring. Whatever time you find fit, simply give us a call and schedule an appointment with one of our agents.

Our team will be more than glad to show up and perform the best they can for your system. You will not be even aware that you are having a team of technicians working on your system, as we are highly professional and experienced in doing our job. Do not wait any longer and have your system checked today!

Heat Pump Replacement

There are cases when the option of repairing your old heat pump is impossible. However, you should not despair, as our team has a solution for these cases as well! When we diagnose that the heat pump can no longer be in use, we offer our clients with the option of having your old heat pump replaced. We work on a daily basis, any time you find fit, all you have to do is contact us and arrange our service.

Our team can show up at any time, as we have a 24/7 emergency heat pump replacement service, just in case your system goes down at a very bad time. Our certified technicians will perform the high quality service and set your system to maximum performance. Don’t you worry, we won’t let you down!

What you need to know beforehand is that the option of installing a heat pump is only advisable for areas with mild climate, since otherwise the system may not be running throughout the entire year. However, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our service or knowledge, so we can provide you with an expert opinion about it!

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