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Furnace Installation & Repair

Is your furnace in need of repair or maintenance?

Furnace Repair

Furnaces are among the most energy consuming HVAC systems you can find. They do however work extremely well in more severe climates. A furnace does however need a little more maintenance when compared to heat pumps. There are main types of furnaces and we are experts at repairing both.

Furnace systems are not at all hard to manage, but in order to run properly they require service which is done regularly, twice or at least once a year. In case regular maintenance is not provided, the furnace can start showing different sorts of malfunctions, such as interruption of the flow of fuel in the gas lines, which results in shortage of fuel. If you want to avoid spending fortunes on this systems’ installation and repair costs, give us a call and arrange an appointment with our experienced technicians.

Types Of Furnaces

  • Oil Burning Furnace - While generally producing more heat per BTU compared to other heating sources, oil furnaces do cost more to operate. On top of that you will need a place to store the oil. And they do require more maintenance because of soot and dirt buildup from burning oil. The installation cost of an oil furnace is however lower than a gas sytem.
  • Gas Furnace - Gas furnaces cost a little more to install, but have a much higher heating efficiency. They also require less maintenance than oil systems. However, you must be located in an area where gas is available. Gas furnaces run more quiet and leave a smaller footprint on the environment compared to oil burners.

Whichever type of furnace you want installed, always contract a qualified and reputable HVAC contractor like AHA. We will quote you the most affordable maintenance rates in the industry. In some states rebates are available for homeowners who want to upgrade an existing system. Call us for more information.

Common Problems With Furnaces

  • Improper Maintenance - This is the most commen problem we encounter as a company. Many homeowners just don't have the system serviced on schedule, leading to excessive wear and tear to the appliance. Dirty filters can cause serious mechanical and electrical problems later on.
  • Electric Ignition & Pilot - Problems in the electrical system may cause the thermostat to malfunction which could leave your home too cold or too hot. The pilot light if unlit will not light the appliance.
  • Noise - If your system makes loud noises when it's turned on, this could indicate a larger mechanical problem. There could be many causes for noise, including blocked or dirty filter, blocked vents which reduce air-flow or even a problem with the burner itself.

Another common problem usually affect thermocouple. The worst thing about the above mentioned issues is that they usually go unnoticed (except the noise), but their effect is felt financially. They result in a significant increase in your utility bills, without showing any signs of malfunction. Furthermore, unless the issue is fixed, things may get worse, and it may eventually come to an unavoidable repair or even replacement, thus costing you even more.

Furnace Services

Take one problem off your list and have us check your system regularly and make sure it is running properly. We are available at any time and all you need to do is give us a call. We will take care of the rest!

In case you are noticing any type of issue with your furnace, get in touch with us as soon as possible! We are familiar with working with all currently present brands and can provide complete repair and replacement. Our technicians can examine the problem and offer immediate solutions for it!

Gas Furnace Repair Service

In order to identify the problem and search for a way to deal with it, it is required that the system is checked by an AHA professional who knows the trade. Our Gas Furnace Repair Service Check-up includes examining the manifold, maxing tube, gas supply, air shutter and combination control. As soon as we have the results, we will provide you a set of options that you may follow in order to sort the issue out. Upon repairing the system, we provide our customers with tips and advice on how to prevent further issues with their system from occurring, as well as inform them about the perks of having it regularly maintained.

Furnace Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a nice alternative for unwanted malfunctions which result in costly urgent repairs. There are several reasons why you should have your system tuned-up at the end of a heating season, such as secured furnace efficiency, no unexpected malfunctions mid-season and additional discount.

The most affecting issues most HVAC systems suffer from is dirt, as it reduces the system’s efficiency and leads to mandatory repair. For this reason, our experts recommend that your system is regularly cleaned and therefore ready to operate optimally.

As part of our check-up we can have a look at your fasten blower belts, motor lubrication level, filters and possible leakage. Our technicians are experienced in carrying out this diagnostics, therefore you should not doubt their accuracy and skill.

Furnace Replacement Or Installation

In case you have an older system that needs frequent repairs, you may opt to have it replaced or install a newer model. When it comes to furnace replacement or installation, you should know that it is crucial that you have professionals do that for you.

We tend to make our customers aware of the importance of choosing the right furnace system for their environment in order to see maximum results. For instance, electric and oil heaters are way more expensive but they are far more energy efficient. If you want to save money, you can go for a more convenient alternative, such as the gas furnace, which can be bought for much lower price.

There are two and three stages furnaces currently available on the market, and we will be more than glad to guide you to the most optimal one for your household. Last, but not least, when there is no other option, we advice furnace replacement, in case your old unit is beyond repair.

Keep in mind, all you have to do is give us a call!

Contact an American Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Alliance Representative in your area on (855) 400-0084 for a full quote or to book an inspection.