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GEOTHERMAL HEATING, Repair and Maintenance Westlake Village California

Geothermal Heating & Maintenance Westlake Village California

Among all the different types of heat pumps available Geothermal heating and air conditioning systems are undoubtedly the most power efficient and environmentally friendly devices, which apart from heating and cooling features also have to have the lowest amount of maintaining. It is calculated that a geothermal system might save the mean home about 50 to 70% on heating expenses. Add to that a typical saving of 30 to 50% on cooling expenses and you have a winner, provided you live in an area with a milder local climate. Our technicians in Westlake Village CA can maintain and repair all kinds of geothermal heating systems.

How Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Work

A geothermal heating and cooling system is a closed cycle system that is submerged very deep underground and is operated by a low wattage pump motor. In a geothermal system, heat is taken out from deep down within the soil and a compressor process is applied for moving heat or cold air around the home. When it comes to this system, our planet is utilized as a condenser and water is used to exchange heat and cold. Environmentally safe and completely harmless refrigerants are utilized.

Is Geothermal Right For Me?

Would Westlake Village CA homeowners get an advantage from having a geothermal unit put in? A geothermal hvac unit is the ideal option for you whether you reside in a cool or very hot environment, own a modest or large home. Since the system makes use of a sealed loop system, it could be mounted anywhere that is practical on your property. Consequently, if you want to get an ecologically friendly and money saving HVAC unit, contact us and one of our installation professionals will assess if a geothermal HVAC unit is the right choice for you.


It is estimated that a homeowner can drop utility charges with up to 80 %, with a geothermal heating and cooling system installed. A geothermal HVAC system is incredibly frugal with energy consumption. For that matter, it generates Two to 3 times more heating than existing surface units.

In fact regular people who are using only natural gas can gain from a geothermal cooling and heating system. The financial benefits in that case are approximately at about the 30 per cent level. For householders having an electrical power unit the financial savings are actually larger. It's not really remarkable in any way for a residence to conserve about 50 % in their month to month power bills.

Aside from the power markdowns, people in Westlake Village CA that use eligible geothermal systems are also a candidate for 30% eco-friendly energy tax credit as stated by the Economic Recovery Act. We offer unit installation, repair and routine maintenance services for geothermal hvac systems.

We install state-of-the-art specialized equipment systems from all popular manufacturers to ensure that you have the proper HVAC alternative for your home in Westlake Village CA. Call us today to get more information on the huge benefits of geothermal HVAC system for your property.

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