AC Maintenance

AC Tune Up

Is it time to have your AC system checked?

Let AHA professionals tune up your AC System to avoid surprises...

Instead of waiting for the hot days to come and find you unprepared to deal with them, you can ask for our Air Conditioner Maintenance services today, and secure your family a breath of fresh air during the unbearable summer days. With our 16, 20 or 26 point inspection, as part of all of our HVAC Maintenance services, we check your system’s durability, thus making sure it’s able to withstand the scorching hot days.

We make sure that we improve the efficiency of your system, as well as regulate its carbon emissions and reduce your energy bills due to energy consumption. All of this is done simply by a quick check-up carried out by one of our qualified AC energy inspectors. This professional representative of our company will be able to provide you with more information regarding the issues that might impair the proper functioning of your device. We will find out exactly what has to be done with your system to maximize it's efficiency.

AC repair bills...
AC units have several moving components, which need to be regularly lubricated for proper functioning. This is why regular tune-up and timely maintenance are so important. Wear and tear and resulting breakdowns can cause high repair bills which are easily avoidable with a simple tune up. For instance, many people don’t have the habit of changing their air filters, being unaware of the fact that clogged air filters forces the compressor to have to work harder. Something which could easily be avoided by cleant your vents with a damp cloth.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our certified and highly qualified technicians are available to step in day or night. AHA technicians are the best HVAC maintenance contractors you can find on the online! What you need to keep in mind, however, is that there are things beyond our reach. We can do everything that is needed for proper maintenance on our part, but you need to pay attention to your system all year round as well. Regular cleaning of the system goes without saying.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Includes:

  • Refrigerant Check & Top up
  • Cleaning coils and fins
  • Filter replacement
  • Electrical components check & replacement
  • Thermostat check

Our technicians are guaranteed to inspect for leakage of refrigerant gases (freon) to make sure that the air you breathe is safe. They will also provide you with further information about its proper maintenance, and advice you if any changes seem needed. The only aim of this is to make sure that your system is set to optimal performance.

AC Maintenance Options:

We can offer different inspection levels depending on your system requirements. You can choose for our 15, 20 or 26 point check. If you are unsure what you need, just call one of our friendly team members for free advice on your situation.

15 Point Inspection

  • Inspecting electrical connections, condenser fan motor, refrigerant leaks, start/run capacitors and relays, indoor evaporator coil;
  • Providing precise results of the check-up, and expert advice on maintaining your system fully functional, compressor amperage and blower assembly operation;
  • Verifying temperature drops, cooling performance, operation, condition, safety tests and required adjustments;
  • Cleaning the condenser externally and removing debris;
  • Protecting against leakage and drains;
  • Evaluating condition of indoor air quality and air filters.
  • HVAC Maintenance: 20 Point Inspection

    Every AC unit needs to be in good condition to provide a healthy indoor environment. This is why regular service is required, as this is parallel to your doctor’s visits. In case a professional treatment is needed, our experts have the exact services you need in order to make your system healthy again!

    20 Point Inspection

  • Coils
  • Refrigerant Pressure
  • Outside
  • Filters
  • Thermostat
  • Outside Fan Blade
  • Hub
  • Compressor
  • Blower Wheel
  • Operation Valve
  • Duct System
  • Starter
  • Fuses
  • Furnace handler
  • Breakers
  • Wiring
  • Drain pans
  • Metering system
  • Electric Panels
  • Insulation
  • Last but not least, we also offer the 26-point inspection, which includes:

    26 Point Inspection

  • Checking of gas burners, pilot, pilot tube, flame baffle or ribbons, gas input, fan control, pilot safety, temperature rise, blower motor, wiring assembly.
  • Testing gas valve, piping, combustion chamber, duct, carbon monoxide, and final operation check
  • Adjusting blower and bearings, heat anticipator, thermostat contacts, voltage, and amperage
  • Advising on further measures upon providing results of the check-up
  • Setting manifold gas pressure and burner air adjustment
  • Air filtration system, equipment, ventilation space, flue, venting, limit control.
  • Conclussion

    AC Tune ups are usually a lot cheaper if you consider the alternative. The return on your investment is certainly worth the cost. More than just avoid costly breakdowns, regular maintenance helps you get your system running at it peak efficiency saving you serious money on future energey bills. Your system will operate more safely and your system will also run for many more years than it would without a tune up. We highly recommend you have your heating and air conditioning system inspected and tuned anually.

    Contact an American Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Alliance Representative in your area on (855) 400-0084 for a full quote or to book an inspection.